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Kate at home in her garden studio

Kate McLeod: The Artist Who Paints in Plants

Kate McLeod grew up in New Brunswick, Canada, with dirt on her hands. Raised by avid gardeners, she learned first by osmosis, taking in the efforts of her parents as they selected annuals and perennials hardy enough to withstand the unpredictable maritime environment – and stubborn enough to reveal their beauty in spite of often unforgiving soil.

Over time, Kate’s passion for plants and garden design became something of a healthy obsession. Working first on her own gardens, which are now perennial (pun intended) favorites on midcoast horticultural tours, her talents quickly gained a regional following. In short order, demand for Kate’s knowledge and vision encouraged her to recruit a like-minded crew. Together, their hard work and passion now contribute to some of Midcoast Maine’s most stunning – and most recognized – residential landscapes.

During the winter months, Kate turns her attention to her retreat on the shore of Nicaragua’s Laguna de Apoyo - Casa De Las Aves – where she welcomes visitors from around the world for relaxation and exploration. True to form, the brilliant tropical gardens in and among the buildings and paths of Casa De Las Aves demonstrate that Kate’s talents are subject to no geographic or environmental limitations.

Whether you find her in Maine or in Nicaragua, the odds are good Kate won’t be far from a truck full of plants – and only the vaguest idea of where she’ll put them. But when she figures it out, and she will, you can rest assured the results will be nothing short of spectacular.

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