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Gardens That Follow Nature – and Fulfill Dreams

From one season to the next, Maine’s landscapes change – dramatically. When experienced during the winter months, a snow-covered setting’s summer potential may be virtually unimaginable. So when the long winter wait gives way to the first hint of growing season, there’s a sense of urgency to move quickly, deliberately, and thoughtfully in shepherding the transition along.

At Kate McLeod Design, we cherish the incomparable beauty of our abbreviated growing season. As the ground thaws, we see the potential of the gardens we’re asked to create and maintain. We spare no effort in our pursuit of the beauty we envision - and the results our customers experience.

Over the course of the past two decades, our dedication and attention to detail has earned the trust of dozens of midcoast clients, each reliant on our ability to deliver on our vision – and theirs.

To us, each home’s environment is unique – both to its setting, and to its inhabitants. If you share our commitment to discovering the ultimate spring, summer, and fall potential of your home’s beauty, we encourage you to Contact Us. We’ll merge your vision with ours to create spaces that work with their natural surroundings – and bring out the best and brightest in the place you call home.

We’re ready to create – and recreate – your garden!

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